Thoughts on Bloodwork After 2 Months on HCG Monotherapy?

I would appreciate if anyone could give me their opinion on my bloodwork results after being 2 months on HCG.

The hcg protocol was 2000/ius 2x a week for 8 weeks. I now have to wait for my docs appointment to discuss what we’re doing forward. I am a 23 year old male. I have used aas in the past, but never touched them again about 2 years ago. I ran ostarine and rad 140 twice but that’s more than 1 year ago.

Here are the results:

Prolactin : 12.3 ref range : 3.5-19.4
Total test : 14.1 ref range: 5.8-32.1 nmol/L
Free test: 314.1 ref range: 223-915 pmol/L
SHBG: 32 ref range: 11-78 nmol/L
FSH: <0.1 U/L
LH: <0,50 U/L
Estradiol: 94 pmol/L

Please note, results are in SI units since I live in Canada.

HCG isn’t going to do it for you, you need TRT.

Are levels still too low for my age?
What would be an optimal level?

Yes. At least double.

You have the levels of a healthy 70 year old, you want to aim higher. Ask yourself do you want to be normal or do you want to be in a state of optimal health.

You want Total T and Free T levels at the top of the ranges or higher because the direct immunoassay, if that’s what you’re using is not the most accurate testing method and more than likely overestimates Free T levels.

The gold standard equilibrium dialysis testing methods.

I see. Well I guess my best option is to ask my doctor for trt

Most doctors are not well informed, so be careful who you trust with your life. Some doctors are conservative and are alright with suboptimal unhealthy levels and don’t know any better.

Actually my doc gave me hcg as first option since he thinks trt will get my infertile. I have an appointment with him by the end of the month, I will discuss with him the option of going into trt and keeping hcg for fertility purposes?

Thank you for your time

It’s best to have a few studies in your back pocket that you can pull out just in case (literally printed and inserted into the rear right quadrant of said pants). If he says “these levels are within range” you can politely show these studies and then he has a medical reason to prescribe you that he is able to note in case he is ever reviewed. It’s not guaranteed to work but it’s better than a young guy trying to tell a guy that spent 10+ years in school that he is wrong. That’s what I’d do if I were you.

You are right. I will look into that thank you

You can always add HCG and FSH injections while on TRT for fertility purposes, no need to stop TRT and begin androgen deprivation therapy.

Doctors are more likely to listen to studies versus patients, there is a study which 480 ng/dL or 16.5 nmol/L to be associated with cardiovascular disease. The mention of men with sexual dysfunction being at even greater risk are those with higher SHBG since less testosterone is free.

Testosterone Threshold for Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Middle-Aged and Elderly Men:

Yes, Hopefully he will understand. Theres nothing worse than feeling like this at my young age