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Thoughts on Bloods Before First Cycle

Hi all,

My first post but have been reading the forums with interest for some time, I’ll shortly be starting my first cycle so wanted my bloods/hormones checked so I have a base level (advice seen on these forums, thanks!)…

I was convinced the results would come back as me having low T, however its come back as having:

Normal SHBG
Normal FSH
Normal LH

Here’s a screenshot of the numbers

I was convinced my T would come back as low to middle of the range so this is a bit of a shock.

Some info:
38 years
Not taking any medication
Never been on any compounds/steroids
Diet roughly 40/40/20 P/C/F
Lifting for 5 years (on and off, 8 months max at a time as get injured or not happy/bored with results each time)
Squat: 140kg / 308 lbs x 5
Bench: 80 KG / 176 lbs x 5
Deadlift… was at 130kg / 286 lbs x 5 when I stopped dead lifting last year after yet another back injury messing with my cycling (road bike!) and boxing, so I dont do them any more but this gives you an idea.
Body Fat, around 16/17%

I never seem to be able to get rid of the fat around lower belly or tits, after reading these test results I wonder if the high OESTRADIOL may be the reason (guessing here mind) and just taking something like Tamoxifen (nolva) may help, any thoughts?

Ok next bit, any opinions/thoughts welcomed…

I wanted to do a 10 week cycle of Test Enthanate 500mg a week, 2 shots a week 250mg each… then nolva 40/40/20/20 as PCT…

I do not go to a local gym (it’s in my garage) so couldn’t approach the guy who is clearly enhanced and ask for said test e, so I contacted an old friend who I’d seen 15 years ago who was massive at the time, he stopped about 5 years ago but knew a mate who can get it…

When I collected, I was given a 10 week course of Testestosterone Propionate at 200mg week (100mg/1ml), a tub of anavar, and the nolva.

So not what I wanted as 200mg a week isn’t enough (or is it with the anavar as well?), and also I really only wanted 1 compound for my first cycle to see how I react… maybe add another in a future cycle if all goes well. (Plus reading on here that test p is painful compared to test e)

So I’m torn now, I have a drs appt for bloods this Friday so I can see if the online one I’ve done is actually correct (finger prick into a tube could skew results as was squeezing fingers…blood everywhere!)

I’d love your thoughts on the following:
Do my blood results seem abnormal?
Would 200mg test p (2 shots a week 100mg each) + anavar be ok as a first cycle or should I stick these in the safe and try and find some Test E at 500mg a week and go with my original plan of doing test e only first cycle)

(Ps I’m not concerned with infertility… had the snip if this matters)

Thanks for any thoughs/advice


Sorry I know this is getting rather long now but… wanted to include this note that was with my results from the medichecks drs:


Your testosterone result is high.

If you are using any supplements aimed at raising testosterone then I suggest that you decrease your intake. If you are not taking supplements then you should discuss this result with your GP.

Increased levels of testosterone can result in problems with your blood count, liver and prostate. If you have not recently had these checked then I suggest arranging a TRT Check Plus.

Your oestradiol is raised. There can be many causes for this including high BMI, alcohol consumption, stress and use of certain medications (including those aimed at raising testosterone) as well as a number of medical conditions including pituitary and testicular issues.

If you are suffering symptoms of raised oestrogen (increased breast tissue, loss of muscle tone, a decrease in body hair, shrinking testes or erectile dysfunction) then you may want to see your GP.

Your prolactin level is elevated. A common cause for this is stress and some medications. If you are experiencing problems such as visual upset or discharge/production of milk from the nipples then this result should be discussed with your GP. If you are not experiencing symptoms then I recommend repeating the test in 12 weeks. A further elevated result will require a macroprolactin test.

Your DHEAS is increased. If you are supplementing with DHEA, or with supplements aimed at increasing testosterone then this may be an expected finding.

DHEAS can be increased by medications including metformin, troglitazone, some mental health medications, calcium channel blockers (eg, diltiazem, amlodipine), and nicotine.

If none of these apply to you then you should discuss this result further with your GP as there may be an underlying problem with your adrenal glands[/quote]

I would not do anything until you verified that crappy finger stick blood test with a real test.
If your TT/FT/E2/SHGB is the same you really need to consider do you want to take the chance of not being able to return to your natural production? Even guys running a perfect PCT fuckthemselves for the rest of their lives. You hardly ever hear from those guys because when they cook themselves they just fad away Who knows maybe they go into wedding cake baking.

IMO 200mg/wk would get you to just about where your are natty. If you are really producing those natty numbers you are going to need about 600mg/wk to feel any stronger.
Anyway thats my advice.

Cheers @hrdlvn, yea holding fire until I can verify the bloods,