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Thoughts on Blast Cycle

Been on TRT for 3 years…47 yrs old 5’11" 180lbs (lean) Loving the difference TRT has made in my life but like to "blast once a year.
Last year just bumped my TRT dose of 100mg/wk of Test E to 500mg/wk and made some nice gains and felt great! This year I have come into some some Tren A, and Winny…wondering how to incorporate these into my blast (along with the Test E)? I have a pretty good idea but was hoping for “expert” opinions.
*I will continue to run HCG and arimidex during the cycle (same as TRT dose)
Thx in advance!

How much of each drug do you have.

Test E enough for full 12 weeks @ 500mg/wk
Tren A 6 vials (100mg/ml)
Winny 4 vials (50mg/ml)

So I’m assuming 10ml vial meaning
6000mg of Tren Ace
2000mg of Winny Injectable.

I would go this route personally
weeks 1-12
500mg Test E
75mg Daily of Tren Ace

Weeks 8-12
500mg of Test E
75mg Daily of Tren Ace
75mg Daily of Winny

Thx for the insights…quick question, isn’t that a little long to be on the TREN?
I know lots of people that say 10 weeks max for TREN…so was thinking of adding it at week three. frankly I have no idea what to do with the Winny…never used it and not sure if it’s even worth doing in this stack???

Depends how you feel on the tren.

2x what Reed put up

I ran Tren for 16 weeks… At double that dose… I’m still alive…

That’s because your a freak reed

[quote]BUDs wrote:
That’s because your a freak reed[/quote]

Lol not even close BUDs.

Could do the higher tren and keep your test at TRT levels for some crazy recomp…or you may be lucky enough to gain some nice mass on tren…

Of course it’s up to you, but you should try adding 100/tren a week to your 100/test trt and see how you like it hint hint :slight_smile:

Ya I must’ve missed something there…the hint hint part. I don’t expect to see much given I was going to be doing 75mg tren EOD and 400-500 test/wk.

You’d be surprised tren even at a low dose will give results. I added some tren 3 weeks ago to my current cycle at 200mg a week and I feel the difference

Low dose Tren I get but combining it with a mere 100mg/wk of Test just didn’t make sense to me…my TRT dose is “maintenance” nothing more, I don’t grow on it or feel super strong like a good cycle.

I tried high decca low test once, I wish I could post pics because the recomp was retardedly awesome. Never had tren or decca dick either.

As for the tren, everyone reacts different. I had some serious mental issues while I was on it for 5 weeks, I thought I was ready to end my own life, or kill someone else at the slightest annoyance. Almost went to see a shrink, came off tren, 2 weeks later I was wondering what the fuck I was thinking lol. Ran 3 grams in 5 weeks

If I was you, I would throw it in the mix like Reed said and kind of see how you react. If you turn into a homocodial maniac, stop taking it early, if not, ride the yellow pony right to the end

[quote]senior citizen wrote:
Ya I must’ve missed something there…the hint hint part. I don’t expect to see much given I was going to be doing 75mg tren EOD and 400-500 test/wk. [/quote]

Lol…run the tren as trt when you’re all done blasting…100mg of each a week is pretty damn sweet!!!