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Thoughts on Bill Starr's "Big 3" 5x5?

Curious as to why no one really ever talks about Starr’s “Big 3”, but always chuck around other 5x5s like Madcow and the Texas Method (if you could call that 5x5).

All exercises performed as a circuit, 5x5: 4 ramped sets of 5 followed by one top set of 5

Monday: Heavy
Squat 5x5
Bench 5x5
Power Clean 5x5

Wednesday: light
Same as monday, 70% intensity

Friday: Medium
Same as monday, 90% intensity

Not really looking to start any of the above programs - at least not now - but thought this could be a decent thread.

A decent approach for an American football player in the off season trying to re-acquire growth on a few limited movements while also engaging in some serious conditioning. If it’s the ONLY manner of exercise you’re performing, it’s pretty limited.

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I really liked it. Bare bones, quick because of circuit style, yet gives you a pretty good workout.
Like T3P’ said it is limited with its movements, good for atheletics, football, etc. You would need to cycle it with other routines to bring up weak points, if you are into bodybuilding.

It was the most productive strength program I ever did. The first time I did it my squat went from 225 to 315 and my bench went from 175 to 205 in about two months. I did it again about a year later and my squat went up to around 365 for 5 if I remember right and my bench went up to 250 for 5 at a body weight of 165-175.

It’s a great program. The weights never really feel heavy (if you start light and do it right). It’s kind of shocking how weights that should be difficult feel smooth and easy. It’s like the program tricks your body into getting stronger. Then all of the sudden one session the weights feel really heavy and the program has run it’s course.