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Thoughts on Bench Phase?

Would like to see your opinion on my next phase please.

Goal: bench max strength focus, bottom end/shoulders emphasis for weak point


Dead stop low incline Bench
DS low incline bench

1st Bench session Layout: 6 weeks, 1-2 wk 4" incline 3RM, 3-4 8" incline 2RM, 5-6 12" incline 1RM

2nd Bench session: 6 weeks, same angle 4" incline–wk 1-2 with chains, 3-4 reverse bands, 5-6 regular weight

Weeks 1-4 will be standard layers, 5-6 will be max strength layers on both days

My goal will be to make my starting 3RM 4" incline my 1RM for the 12" incline

Squat day will not be layered, focused on fixing imbalances after strength work. Pull days will probably be strength focused. I will do power snatch all days i am in the gym as part of my initial activation ramp.

Thoughts sir?

I personally don’t like doing the dead stop slight incline/decline for max benching purposes. My grove just isn’t the same as regular bench. If flat bench max increase is your ultimate goal.

It is, but my goal is limited by my weak bottom end. I’ve found low incline bench really helps me personally as long as it is not too drastic. I think my shoulders need work but that overhead pressing is too far removed from benching for me. Generally when my incline goes up my flat bench goes up.

Have also toyed with the idea of having the 2nd bench day flat deadstop bench to keep a groove going. Not sure i will need it though for only 6 weeks change.