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Thoughts on Bear Grylls

I just finished watching one of his new shows ‘missions survival’ and continue to be disappointed by the direction he has taken.

It is a show with celebrities being thrown in the African wilderness and must complete tasks set out by Bear to get food and shelter.

I understand he has to appeal to a broad audience and celebrity shows seem to be the rage, but it is so put on and dramatic. I love survival shows but I dont think I could clasify this as one.

Anyway Bear’s shows have generally been controversial due to stories of him going to hotel rooms while shooting ‘man vs wild’ but I still enjoyed the show for the adventure aspect and the survival tips throughout it.

Your thoughts on him and his shows…?

Loved all his older shows but now its full of celebrities and not focusing on survival which is annoying. Favorite episode was the urban survival where he went and nicked a pigeons eggs.

I actually never watched any of his urban survival shows. Bit of a shame, I think i would have really got into them.

I like the idea of him teaching people skills in the wild, but why super useless celebs that are on the verge of a heart attack. And why have evictions if they are not up to scratch??

Have you watched any of The Island shows, its utter shite. Picks a bunch of random people then lets them loose on Island with 24/7 care and they just piss about for a month eating grass. I watched half of one season and nothing happens except them all sunbathing and eating grass. Bears content has gone down since the glory days of pissing in a rattlesnakes corpse.

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Haha yeah I watched a bit of them. They literally kill 1 pig in a month and spend the rest of the time eating snails and turning to skeletons! I so wish I had the opportunity to go on that show though. Such beautiful areas that they are put in.

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The most recent ones I’ve seen from him looked like a something one would experience at a resort as an amenity. They even have cool tools and survival pants. Then there’s always that moment of catharsis when the celebrity has an emotional breakthrough.

“Dude, you’re screwed!” and Dual Survival were my favorites of survival shows.

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