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Thoughts on Back Development


Okay guys so I've been training for two months and I'd like to get your thoughts on my back development. For the back program I do:

Pull ups
Dumbbell rows
Seated cable rows
Deadlifts only once a week
Hyperextensions when not deadlifting.

I still feel like I need way more thickness. Also I am looking to improve my deadlift.


If this is from only two months of lifting you are doing pretty well. I'd say add in barbell rows or t bar rows, this will help you add the thickness that you are looking for, especially in the lower traps area. also are you doing any shrug movements? your upper traps need work, pick either barbell shrugs or DB shrugs whichever you prefer, just get a good squeeze at the top and use a weight that you are actually controlling with your traps.

Furthermore, I suggest you learn how to pose, this will help people critique your physique better because then we know what to look for based on bodybuilding standards


Read the recent traps article, because I can see that even if you add thickness everywhere, those upper traps are always going to be a weak point for you. Thibs has some good trap training articles. I recall a good one by maybe Wendler with "Yoke" in the title as well.


Could you detail you're current routine, diet and other relevant details?
Looks like you might just need to keep up the good work and compare this photo with one in 6 months time.


thanks for the feedback guys... if you could also give some tips about biceps workout it'll be great. I have a hard time working out the biceps... I normally workout the biceps after the back and exercises consist of barbell curls and dumbbell curls. In two months of training, I barely put on some meat in my biceps.

Sorry for the picture.



4 eggs
2 slices of Brown bread
500 ml of 2% milk
2 packets of oatmeal


100 g of Brown rice
200 g of steak or salmon


100 g of Brown rice
usually steak

Post workout meal:

Rice and steak

I do not take any supplments for the moment, however I used to take 1 scoop of whey protein and 5 g of creatine monohydrate after my training


Another shot


yet another one