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Thoughts on Aspartame


good, bad, ok? what does the research say on aspartame?


I figure there are a lot worse things you could be ingesting. If it's a toss-up between getting cancer in 80 years, or diabetes in 10, I'll opt for the former.



I do my best to avoid consuming it more than I have to. If I had to choose between coke or diet coke I would choose diet. I do make sure to take advantage of cannabis and it's anti-tumorous properties though.


I drink ~6 diet mountain dews a day.

gotta live fast homie, aspartame is some serious shit.


Use Splenda(sucralose) or Stevia instead.


stay as far away as possible.....


It's neuro toxic, so it's bad for your brain.
Stay away!


bad advice. those will wreck ur intestines over time. aspartame ftw!


A couple packets a day is not going to kill you or rot your brain.


I'd rather use Stevia or crumple up Pauline Nordin's panties in a shaker to give it a little...sweetness.




I like your second idea. :slight_smile:



So I decided to try Stevia.. in my coffee this morning, and it tasted like ass. No thanks