Thoughts on Animal Pak

By Universl Nutrition. It Looks like a winner to me;

It is time released, I assume to avoid absorbsion problems. It has many of the efa’s and eaa’s that one might have to take extra supplements for and It also has your digestive aids and liver detoxifiers.

These are all of the things that I look for in a nutrition supplement.

Does anyone have an opinion on this particular vitamin or any suggestion on a better brand?

this is not a VITAMIN, its a pro-hormone, by all means they work wonders for some people and dont for others, i have several friends big into that kinda stuff and they got better results from 1-AD and Trib, mixed 3 times a days with means, they got really agressive with the animal stack and animal pack

Its a vitamin dumb ass. Animal Stak is a PH, that is no banned BTW.

Pak is good shit from what I hear. CW uses/recommends it. I don’t take it and probably never will. A generic Centrum suits me just fine.

what the fuck are you talking about??? Animal Pak is a multi vitamin and it is the best most complete on the market. Animal stack was a stack of PH’s but it has been of the market for a while.

Its not a bad product, but there’s no real need to spend the money for it. Just use a generic multi and save some money.

Check the nutritional info on the back of the canister, you have to take two packs to get a full serving, something I never noticed until recently.

A full serving is still quite a bit more than what is contained in other vitamins. Ive also looked at the forms of these vitamins and minerals that they use and many of them are considered to be the most bioavailable form.

As for the price, I think it is worth having a multivitamin that is designed to actually have sinergistic ammounts of these vitamins built in to a time released formula.

I have read several times on alone on how so many multi vitamins compete with themselves when it comes to being absorbed and assimilated by the body. Biotest used this logic when deciding what combination of minerals and vitamins to put into Grow!.

I know of a certain web site where the price of the 44 count animal pak is only 21.00. thats is not bad for a months supply in my opinion.