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Thoughts on Anderson Squats for Deadlift

I’ve been looking into Anderson squats as an acsessorie for my Deadlifts.

Actually these are a better deadlift assistance movement than a squat assistance movement. I find that it can actually hurt squat mechanics but it is very specific to the deadlift. Works best if you are using the low bar squat technique.

How low would you recommend starting from, if deadlifting was your priority?

Thighs parallel to ground like a squat or higher, trying to start in your deadlift starting position?

thanks CT

I would use 2 different positions (on 2 different days)…

  • same angle as your deadlift starting position

  • if tyou are weak off the floor, the second position is slightly lowert than you deadlift start position, if your weak point is higher then start at a the knee angle you would have when the bar reaches the knees

I’m curious why you think this. Not that I don’t believe you, it makes sense because of the starting positions, but what about the squat mechanic do you think gets altered?

It’s the lack of eccentric/concentric transition… I once did an experiment with the bench press. Training it from pins only, using various heights… my bench press from pins increased a lot, up to 425lbs from the bottom position. But my actual bench press went down from 425 to 365!!!

I’m not saying that they don’t have a place, but it’s far from being a magic bullet even though the theory sounds tempting. Do not forget that Anderson was a natural squatter with perfect squatting levers.

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Thanks for the insight! They are an interesting assistance movement, I’m sure I’ll give them a go at some point to see if I produce any results.