Thoughts on Aggressive Cams?

Many years ago I got my first Nautilus machine, a plate loaded pullover. I was happy as a lark until I tried to use it and I found the cam was very aggressive in the contracted position. I would fail very early in the set because I couldn’t get to the contracted position after several reps. The same thing applies to many other early Nautilus. I read somewhere that eventually you’d get stronger in the contracted position and it would even out but that never happened for me. I eventually got a newer pullover that was less aggressive and I love it. I always thought the purpose of the cam was to make the entire motion of the reps feel even through out, not to have overly hard positions? What are your thoughts on aggressive cams?

Early on Arthur Jones believed that most resistance curves on machines should be aggressive. Later, he changed his mind on many of the machines.

Ideally, if the resistance curve was correct, your strength curve would become similar and feel perfectly smooth.

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I eventually added counter weights and altered the cams on some machines to try and make the strength curve feel smooth. It worked somewhat on some machines and not so well on others.

The Nautilus Nitro pullover is a great machine. Very smooth all over the movement and easy to find a good position in.

My second gen pullover is great, I love it!

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