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Thoughts on Adding DBol?

Im at week 8 of 500mg test c and .7 EQ and was thinking about adding DBol (25-50mg) towards the end of my 16week cycle.

Im a little worried about estrogen levels but so far I havent had any issues.

I was taking 5mg of Cialis pre workout and I might stop that too

You would normally add that at the beginning of your cycle, not the end. But if you don’t mind the extra water retention and moon face it causes, then you could give it a try.

If you’re trying to look shredded, then winstrol or anavar are better options.

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I’ve tried dbol a few times, I really didn’t like the excessive water retention and bloat, not very aesthetic at all, and people will notice quick that you look different just from the bloat. I’d suggest keep running your cycle as planned, but it’s up to you and your goals/preferences.

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I appreciate the suggestions guys, thank you. I’ll hold off until next cycle.


IMO, anavar or tbol would be preferred. Winny is worse for sides like lipids, joint pain, and wellbeing.