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Thoughts on AAG?


Hi guys,

Has anyone used Anti Aging Group (AAG) for HRT?

What do you think of their service?




Most of the anti-agin clinics are going to ream you. Very expensive, and probably won't give you the "treatment" that you would get with a GP who is knowledgeable/willing to learn or familiar with TRT for men. From what I have read, most of the anti aging clinics will do a preliminary blood test, give you a prescription for Test and/or HGH if you want it. Then, charge you to come in and get pinned. Very little in the way of follow-up blood work, adjustments, etc.

That's not to say that all are bad - I'm sure there are good ones out there.


This has pretty much been my experience. I went to one because I didn't know where else to start. They actually gave me a dose the day I walked in, without even waiting for labs--I'm not complaining but it doesn't sound like standard practice to me.

First I had to convince the doc that I didn't want cream or gel. Then I had to convince him that I wasn't willing to come in for weekly injections and could handle it at home. Then I had to convince him that 46pg/ml was too high for Estradiol and I needed an AI. I never managed to convince him on HCG, even after complaining about significant atrophy and testicular ache, but I obtained it myself...

I only get followup labs when I request them. Otherwise, they are perfectly happy to keep giving me T and take my cash. The cost has been reasonable (I'm paying out of pocket since I didn't have insurance when I started) but I now have insurance and I am looking for another doc.

They've been OK overall I guess, but as outlined above I have had to really advocate for the protocol I want. Maybe this is the case everywhere...but overall I couldn't recommend them to a friend.