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Thoughts on a Vertical Leg Press?


There isn't much info out there on this type of machine as to how well/poor of a job it does or if its even valuable to BB. Has anyone used one? Likes, dislikes? Do public gyms usually have one?(call me ignorant, but I have never been to a public gym!) I am thinking of adding one to my home set-up and the price is in my range.




Im sure some people were saying that they do it on the Smith Machine ..... it would do the same motion i presume ?

Not to sure on it's effectiveness.


I recently started using it as it's the only leg press that doesn't murder my knees.
I'm not sure on how effective it is but i'm gonna try it for a while


i cant believe how bad Silva rocked Griffin


I can imagine it would be hell on the back. Say hello to compression of the spine.


I hurt my lower back using that exercise, but then again I hurt my back doing squats, leg press, etc...(due to excessive rounding and ATG mentality). I think it is good for someone who is not stupid or have problems with that particular machine.

On a side note, didn't Chris Corimer hurt himself using that machine and pretty much ended his bodybuilding career?


It's very similar to the one in my school and track centre gym. I don't use it much but I think $300 is way too much for an equipment like this.

If you already have a setup to do squats, walking lunges, and the like to work your legs, then I don't think you need this. Unless your legs aren't growing and you're not progressing, then you may invest in a new equipment. Not sure about this one though. You might wanna look around for better equipment that's been proven effective.


I always wanted to try the vertical leg press. I have tried an unusually steep leg press and three 45's on each side felt like a ton!

The price is certainly cheap, but I'm wondering about the quality. I would hope it would have ball bearings in the mechanism.


I think if you're going to do a vertical leg press you might as well go old school.

  1. Put your boots on.
  2. Lie on your back with legs in the air.
  3. Get two strong friends.
  4. Strong friends position a loaded bar on your boots in the heel notch.
  5. Try not to kill yourself.

Of course you'll press less wieght, but with the set-up my guess is that the actual forced produced may be very similar to your vertical leg press sled which gives the presser a great mechanical advantage.


That's what I'm trying to avoid, want something to use lightly between back squats.

There's a frugal substitute that would work just fine! ha!

I don't think there are ball bearings in this machine. I suppose a little Rem Oil on the guides would keep it moving.

Thanks All for the input.


Gotta agree with B.L.U. Ninja on this one. If can already do squats in your home gym then you'll be able to do plenty of other exercises with free weights. Split squats and lunges are good exercises, and as shown in Mike Boyles recent article the split squat can be pretty effective.

Another idea if you want a new piece of equipment. Ive got no idea but see how much sissy squat pads are, like the one in this vid. You cant really see it but you might know what im talkin about.


I got one nine years ago, except mine really is old school. It came out of a gym, probably in the '70s. It is somewhat larger and has lockouts so you do not have to start in the lowest position. I like it and have never had any problems as a result of using it. It is great for heavy partials and calf raises.