Thoughts on a Squat Wedge?


What are your thoughts on this tool?

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I like it a lot. I don’t squat flat footed anymore as I don’t want to load my hips in the squat, but more my quads. I just don’t understand why Stan is so bent over in this when elevating the heels generally allows you to stay more upright.


I wonder how much it takes off the lower back (in a good way)

I feel all squats load the spine and lumbar fairly well. Even with high bar and heels elevated I get a nice low back pump.

I was gonna say, with his heels elevated at what looks like 30 degrees, and 495 on the bar, is it even physically possible for him to be leaning that far forward? I guess if anyone could do it, Stan’d be the man, but my patellar tendons hurt just looking at that.

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He’s always had some mean forwards lean but I’m not sure what the hell is going on in that pic honestly.

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What’s a good height for a wedge? They come in ranges from 5 to 30 degrees.


This is there recommendation…


To determine the proper Squat Wedge degree for your specific needs, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Sit with your knees at a 90 degree angle.

  2. Raise your toes/midfoot off the ground as high as possible.

  3. Measure the distance from the floor to the ball of your foot. This will provide you with the height/degree of the Squat Wedge that would be ideal for you.


I don’t know what I’m supposed to give my thoughts on. ???

No worries never mind. Sorry. TY for your input!

This is weird, though. It implies that the greater your ankle mobility, the higher wedge you’d have, when in actuality you’d want people with worse mobility to use a wedge and those with good mobility wouldn’t need it as much.

I read the 20degree one is good for pretty everyone. Also ppl like to use it reverse for good mornings and Romanians.

Yeah, my gym has a beat up 2x4 with a teardrop on it, I use it for squats and then put it under my toes for RDLs. I blame crappy generic personal trainer certifications for the widespread fear of knees crossing over toes. It’s not IF they cross over your toes, it’s WHEN - as long as you’re not initiating a squat with knee flexion, then it’s fine and perfectly healthy for knees to track over the toes. If it wasn’t, no oly lifters would be able to walk anywhere.


My personal suggestion is to not over think this. Get the lowest wedge and work with that for squatting.

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Thought you might agree with this post!

How do you feel about doing squats on a Smith machine with the heels elevated? That should keep the torso pretty straight up and down!

What you’re wanting is maximum amount of knee flexion if you’re trying to really smash the squats. The angle of the torso is only important insofar as dictating the moment arm. You’d like to be more upright just to dictate that the moment arm is longer to the knees, but if you’re getting terminal knee flexion then it’s going to be quad dominant.

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