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Thoughts on a Program Where You Do One Movement a Day Everyday


5’9", 160, 10% BF. Looking to do something like this (maybe RPT style on first movement and 1 set of the 2nd movement to cure imbalances:

Monday Squat

Tuesday OHP
Lat Raises

Wednesday Row

Thursday Front Squat

Friday Bench

Saturday Deadlift
Leg Curl

Sunday Chins
BB Shrugs


Well, Layer System is one movement a day program and it’s awesome.


The adavantage would be the that you are pretty much always fresh + since you are only doing one main movement per workout this enables you to work through a LOT of volume.

One disadvantage would be training frequency (at least how you’ve set up in your example) which would probably be sup-optimal (unless you were advanced & working through a really crazy amount of volume).

Hows about 2 main lifts per work-out, though focus on combos which won’t interfere with one another (squats & pull-ups for example).


One set of an exercise isn’t going to do much at all, let alone address imbalances. Nevermind the fact that you’re basically asking “What do you think about doing one lift a day? Here’s how I’d doing it using two lifts a day.”

Like Jasper said, the layer system is designed to use one exercise. Dan John’s One Lift a Day program also uses, well, guess. 5/3/1 also has some templates with little to no assistance work. I’d go with any of those over what you laid out.


No mention of a rep scheme. No mention of any how you wish to progress over time: volume, frequency (well, you’re fucked on this, aren’t you? unless you want to move to like, two sessions a day) weight, ROM, rest times etc.

I read this on here before:[quote=""]
What you have is a list of exercises, not a program.

I don’t think adding any of the important missing stuff is going to make it better. Frequency is low, and your overall volume is probably going to be low too. And you need more back work. (Also, what everyone else said; some of which I repeated)


All the advice on here is pretty much spot on as far as I’m concerned. All I’d add to this is, if you’re going to do one exercise a day, make sure it’s something a bit more “serious” than lateral raises or calves (whatever that means). Think big compound exercises that you’ll be able to go heavy on for 30-45mins. If I was going to pick I would choose:

Squat variations
Power/hang/squat clean/snatch
Deadlift variations (maybe every other week if I was going heavy)
Presses - overhead and horizontal
Loaded Carries