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Thoughts on 6 Month Progress?!?!


This is my before and after from January 2015 to June 2015. I went from 157 lbs to 170 lbs, and im not sure what my BF% was to start, but currently im sitting at 11% (based off of caliper reading). I lift every other day, using splits of Chest, Bi's and Tris, Shoulders and Back, and lastly Legs and abs. I usually lift quite heavy (6-8 reps per set) and was eating during my bulk around 2700-2800 cals per day.

Please let me know what you think and do not hesitate to give any suggestions!!!!! Thanks in advance!


13 lbs in 6 months, IMO, is perfect. You’re young, and certainly shouldn’t worry about getting “a little soft.” That said, it looks like your pecs and delts have thickened, and as long as you don’t lose your perspective and start force feeding yourself thinking you’ll grow faster, I think in another 6 months the gains will be even more pronounced.



Good progress.