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Thoughts on 5x2 Then One Rest Pause Set for Strength and Hypertrophy?

I was thinking about trying 5x2 at around 90% max. Then dropping weight for one rest pause set. Something like 6-4-2 or whatever i can manage. tried clusters but have a hard time getting the 5 reps with a 3 rep max with just 20 secs rest on most exercises. Really have to grind to do so.

Have you read my cluster article in which I talk about options for people in your situation (most strong guys I train are like that)?

The original clusters (by Carl Miller, not Poliquin) used 30-45 seconds between reps.

But to answer your question, I really like what you want to do. 5 sets at 90% might be a bit much, but the idea is solid.

Thx for replying Coach, I have read all your articles. I set timer for 10 minutes and did about 11 clean and presses with approx 45 secs rest. I know thats kinda like EMOM but wouldnt it be very similar to Millers version of clusters? Also on the 5x2 , I thought about ramping up to a 2 rep max . Maybe not counting the first two lighter warm up sets. Possibly hitting two rep max on 4th set. Then auto regulating and possibly keeping weight same or a lil lighter on 5th set. Then performing 1 rest pause round after that 5th set. Would that be a better option? I do feel like 5x2 at 90% wouldn’t be sustainable.