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Thoughts on 2nd PCT


I posted on here a while ago about not fully recovering from my Hdrol cycle back in april. I ran 6 weeks 50/50/75/75/75/75. In all honesty did about 3 weeks of Nolva (20mgs/day) and about 6 weeks of DAA. I had blood work done 2 months ago and my numbers were

Testosterone, Serum - 538
LH- 7.1
FSH- 4.0
Estradiol- 27.3

I did not get blood work done before hand, but i know for being 21 my test is low, and i feel a difference in my ball size, meaning they are still not back to normal size. I have been supplementing tribulus, 4000 ius of Vit D, and ZMA every day, but I am still having problems with low libido and having a hard time getting hard.

So my solution is to do a second PCT. I am going to do a 4 week cycle of Clomid (50/50/50/50), and HCGenerate. I did order nolvadex as well, but i am not sure whether i want to use it or not. I read a lot of good things about HCGenerate, so i figured it would be a nice addition. Not sure if anyone on here has used it or not. But just wanted to see if anybody has had experience with this, or has any tips. Its hard to believe I am having problems from such a minor cycle.