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Thoughts on 2 Exercises


Thoughts on the merit of the duck walk for mobility? Anyone


Second What muscles in particular does the snatch pull to hip work?


I dont know much about mobility work, but that 'snatch pull to hip' looks like a deadlift with no lockout, so i presume the same muscles as a deadlift -posterior chain, forearms traps etc.


It seems to me like the reason behind the snatch pull to hip is to practice keeping the bar close to the body while passing the knees, it's not really about any particular muscles. But clearly he must use his posterior chain, legs (to lift the bar up) and lats (to keep it close to the body).


That is exactly correct. It is a teaching exercise, not really a muscle-building one. It can be used to build muscles but the romanian deadlift can do that same job better.

I never used the duck walk. I remember one of my friend who ran track and was a fellow training geek telling me that it was actually a potentially dangerous exercise to use. I don't remember the exact reason, that was about 18 years ago, so I never thought of it again.


I used a different version of the Duck Walks exercise a few years ago. At the end of our heavy leg days, we finished with weighted walking lounges to failure and I think 10 minutes of Duck Walks. But we used a sumo stance and only went to about parallel (similar to a squat) and kept our backs straight. My HS football couch would sometimes use them as part of our warm-up also. I think the exercise has merit when done like this, or add a weighted vest/hold a plate.