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Thoughts on 2/Day Workout Program


-my time will be limited over the next month and will generally only have time to workout 3 days a week.

-Just want to get some general thoughts on this 2/day workout program, essentially its 2 workouts cycled. I am a novice lifter so have a huge window for strength gains and have been focusing almost exclusively on the main lifts with a bit of accessory work similar to 5/3/1 boring but big template.

1) AM: Squat PM: Overhead Press (WORKOUT DAY 1)
2) AM: Deadlift PM: Bench Press (WORKOUT DAY 2)


Monday: AM- Squat PM- Overhead Press

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: AM-Deadlift PM-Bench Press

Thursday: Rest

Friday: AM- Squat PM- Overhead Press

Saturday/Sunday: Rest

NOTE: start monday with Deadlifts & Overhead Press


Like you said you're basically doing a tweaked version of 5/3/1. Great choice IMO I think you'll do well with this.


This good imo. Lucky you, you have time to do it in AM and PM


I dont see a problem with this, assuming your actual workouts are well organized and not overly draining in volume.

I would put the squat and deadlift workouts wherever you are stronger--if morning is best go there, if you are sluggish in the mornings I would put them in the evenings.