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Thoughts? Highlight My Weakness

Lats. Your traps completely dominate your back.

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Lats need work, you are aware your face is visible in the first pic right? And you admitted and posted pics of gear from a UGL you purchased from. For privacy I’d blur out the face in the top pic.


These pics arnt aren’t from gear. There older picks.

Im trying to find an old phone with pics when i was smashing the peptides and sarms.

Found one old phone a brough a program to recover the info. But it was the wrong phone. Im now trying to find the other one.

Hey dick, you obviously dont know the difference between trt and gear.

But ill come back to this post in 3 months then ill be glad to admit results due to a cycle.

Im definitely not looking like that now lol. Definition whats definition. Im rocking the dad bod in all its glory.

Hell im only back in the now since being on trt, but levels a bumped up just a tad :wink:

My bench and squat are a measly 90kgs each as of last night. So lets see how muscle memory and test go together.

But im also somewhat cal deficient atm shed a few kgs first.

No I mean you admitted to purchasing gear and posted photos of said gear, and your face is on the net connected to the profile in which you admitted to purchasing gear.

It’s just privacy concerns ya know, don’t want to get into trouble, Aus has fairly harsh laws on AAS and in Queensland and the NT laws are just as harsh as US laws on the stuff!

Well that’s not bad for a bench, how much do you weigh?

112kg a month ago up to 116kg since starting back at the gym 3 weeeks ago.
Probs 25% atm.
Once my waist is down from 38 to 36 ill be in the 12-14% range again.

Cal intake absolute max 1500, some days not even.

So be interesting to see where i get back to over the next few months.

So you posted old pics and asked for criticism? I would agree with lats needing work. I would hold off on the cycle until you are back or close to your PRs.

@blshaw correct this was a ver old pic even before i hit my max strength and size. Still trying to find the boken phone.

But i thought it be a good exorcise to see what i was lacking at the start. To ensure i focus on those areas.