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Thoughts/Experiences with Different Esters?

What’s everyone’s experiences with different esters they have used for TRT?

Personally I’m on Testosterone Enanthate but thinking of switching with my provider to Cypionate as I just don’t feel anything from Enanthate at all.

I have tried Nebido which worked brilliantly for two months then I switched to private care and Enanthate.

I also recently as an experiment tried 10mg of Propionate which hit me like a train, was ramped up for about 2 days, it was the opposite to Enathate, it was almost a bit too strong though my libido was through the roof.

I have low SHBG of 13 nmol/l which may play a part.

I inject every 3.5 days on my current protocol.

Does anyone notice any differences themselves?

I know it’s all very individual but everyone on here seems very clued you compared to my doctors/endo lol

Best way seems to be self education and experience

I do not notice any difference at all. Some do and those that do usually prefer enanthate. I think that is, in part, due to the perception that it is better since it was harder to get and cost more at one time. Therefore, it must be better.

How long have you been on an Enanthate protocol? Seems like you’ve switched protocol frequently, or I’ve that’s what I’m getting from your post (2 months neb, 2 days prop, might not be the case just reads that way). You need decent length of time to level out and evaluate.

In terms of ester why did you move from neb if it worked? Or did it stop working after 2 months? I’ve had Sust, Prop and E they are all the same when you’re dialed in, on the right protocol the difference is how easy/hard they are to get to that point. People tend to think that different esters have different ways of making you feel, but I think the reality is the Test once cleaved from the ester is all the same, your body doesn’t know the difference - it’s only figuring dose/timing that makes a difference.

For reference I’m same shgb as you (been as low as 7) and managed to feel good on all 3.

I’ve been on E for 10 months, 2 months prior was Nebido through NHS but they had me on awful protocol and hard to communicate with, I switched to private clinic after that.

I only took one shot of 10mg Prop as an experiment recently and it hit me hard, like what I imagined from testosterone.

My entire time on Enanthate I haven’t felt that kick or the effect from the testosterone at all.

I’m thinking of trying Cypionate now to see what that’s like.

What is your protocol and labs?

To be fair I never feel (and have never felt) a kick out of Test, I know when I’ve gone too high (libido is unbearable) but nothing kick like (over the years of my misspent youth I’ve done things that do give a “kick” and more so my perception of kick might be different). I wrote that to say in essence you might be chasing something you won’t get, symptom resolution is important “kick” isn’t. (Might be misunderstanding what you mean by kick).

The NHS story sounds familiar - I didn’t even get that far just got prescribed Viagra and SSRIs (neither of which I needed or took!).

My protocol is 140ml Test-e (70ml 2x per week) my labs come in at top end of range at trough.

No I hear you, honestly. Kick is probably more of a wrong word, what I mean is libido, like you feel the testosterone as libido comes on strong but with Test E I haven’t felt any of that.

I don’t seem to handle high levels too well, so I sit around 15 - 18 nmol/l total T which gets my Free T high.

Are you on HCG? Self medicated or private clinic?

Sorry for all the questions lol It’s great to speak to someone from the UK and people on here really get it when it comes to TRT.

I have been advised by many to increase my dose as I’m on 75mg a week split between 2 injections but afraid of the feelings I get with high levels.

No HCG, just straight Test-E private clinic, to be honest if I could find a source in person (not online) I’d be tempted by UGL just from a cost saving point, I’ve been straight forward since day 1 so drs input isn’t really necessary for me. Flip side of it is at least I get guaranteed quality and whilst it’s not illegal in UK it’s still not legit.

You only get 15-18 off 140ml per week? That’s not as high as I’d have expected.

Only you can say whether you need to up dose, of you’re not feel the libido you want, maybe a small increase or like @dextermorgan vary your weekly dosage (up it alternative weeks for example 140 one week 160 next) see what that does to libido? If you’re not happy and you’re still well within the ranges then I’d suggest the change is needed.

Always good to speak with someone UK based there aren’t many of us!

How much you paying per month? (I’m £90 plus blood tests).

I’m the exact same mate, who are you with? I’m on Rotamexida Testosterone enanthate I think, it’s like German lol

No I’m on 75mg week, so 32.5 mg every 3.5 days lol so quite a low dose.

I want to try Cypionate to see how I respond.

All I want is the libido aspect back.

How have you found no HCG? I recently dropped it for a week and started experiencing real ache in testicles and feeling off but people tell me it goes away but I worry about testicles shrinking, I’m not concerned about fertility though.

8mg test prop gives me incredible energy all Day. Not Good libido tho.

Wow now that’s low. Yea definitely be thinking about upping that. Now wonder you’re not near top of the range, lowest I’ve ever been was 90mg per week on prop, and after a while it didn’t feel great (probably once the sust had cleared out) I didn’t bother with a blood test by 6 weeks I’d decided to switch anyway pinning EOD is a hassle and I felt worse.

I’d up the Test E before you try cyp my libido is great, just where I want it: I know if I haven’t done it in a day or two and I can go two/three times a day if needed - but my head isn’t consumed all day by sexualised thoughts, great balance.

How is that possible though without functioning testicles?

This is something I don’t understand, low ejacujation etc and no feeling in the testicles, surely this would negatively impact libido?

I might try and do that to be honest and see how I go.

How’s what possible?

Not something I’ve noticed, sex is still amazing, my balls are smaller but still feel roughly the same.

I’d definitely go higher (and probably drop the HCG), I’d want high end of range by trough do probably double what you are, not surprised libido isn’t there at 75ml per week. Good luck and keep us posted!

Only about 10-15% of ejaculate volume come from the testicles and, at for me, I’ve noticed no loss of sensitivity in them and they feel fine.

It’s not like they shrivel up to rasins and die.

Nobody notices a difference between E and C. If they tell you they do then assume that it’s all in their head. They are functionally interchangeable.

Now test PP on the other hand…man is that the absolute perfect ester for us ed or eod guys.

So it’s been two weeks from dropping HCG and since I increased my Test E dose from 55mg a week to 75mg week, the last two days are probably the best I’ve felt on TRT, libido has been absolutely through the roof.

Hopefully it’s not a placebo but guessing that increased dose is starting to kick in?

Will give 6 - 8 weeks to settle and retest, then possibly increase slightly again?

[quote=“wjc89, post:15, topic:269612, full:true”]
So it’s been two weeks from dropping HCG and since I increased my Test E dose from 55mg a week to 75mg week, the last two days are probably the best I’ve felt on TRT, libido has been absolutely through the roof.

Hopefully it’s not a placebo but guessing that increased dose is starting to kick in?

Will give 6 - 8 weeks to settle and retest, then possibly increase slightly again?

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Yea always give the protocol time to settle in, 8 weeks is sensible. If you’re feeling great on a dose that would seem lower to most then that’s fantastic and don’t change a thing!