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Thoughts are Greatly Appreciated


Beginning with my stats : I am 24 years old and I currently weigh around 210 usually ranges anywhere between 205 and 210, 12-13% BF, just need people's opinions on if I should change anything up to get better results!

My cycle as follows :
Week 1-4 Oral kickstart Dbol 40mg/ED
Week 1-10 Deca 300mg EW monday
Week 1-12 Test Cypionate 600mg, 300mg monday, 300mg thursday,
AI: 0.5mg of arimidex EOD, should I increase, decrease or keep it the way it is?

I'm just curious on whether I should increase the dosage on deca or inject twice a week instead, anyone's intake is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: also, here is my PCT plans:

Week 14-16 Clomid 100mg ED,
Week 16-18 Clomid 50mg ED,
Week 14-18 HCG 750mg E3D, not too sure on this matter what is your opinions on how much HCG I should use?
Week 14-18 20mg Nolvadex ED

Thanks a lot guys appreciate it!


First cycle? I would lose the deca and also use HCG during cycle, not pct.



Your AI (Arimidex) controls your estrogen... some people are more prone to high E than others. Just keep an eye on yourself and if you notice you're getting too high / low, adjust accordingly.


Yeah, first cycle :slight_smile: okay thanks! appreciate it!! other than that how does the rest of the PCT look and should I keep the dbol? Oh, and actually meant to put 750IU's of HCG not mg lol


i second the advice about simplifying the cycle...

as far as the PCT, it's all jacked up. just run nolva for 6-8 weeks at 20 mg/night.



Are you recommending to take the Nolva at night? As in before bed? Just wondering if the nolva timing matters? I'm actually starting my pct today.


Nolva timing doesn't matter.. just make it at a time where you won't forget / miss a day.


yes it does.

it makes a lot of people drowsy.....


I see I see. I'll just take it before bed just to be safe.

Add that to your pct thread :slight_smile: I don't think I saw you mention it. While we're at it, how about aromasin timing?


If you're running Adex, you don't need Asin as well.


Never heard of anyone being tired from a Nolva dose, my bad.


really? most guys i know mentioned it... maybe it has to do with potency, etc..


Might have to do with the higher dose (20-40mg). I really only see people use small Nolva doses (10mg) while B+c'ing.