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I have been lifting for 2 years now and I just want to know what people think about my physique. I went from 105 to 163 lbs (I did have a growth spurt also during these 2 years). I don't have any lower body images because I haven't taken any. on that not I honestly have the most awful calves ever.


not sure how to add more photos at one time


front bi


back double bi


back lat spread


1 more of me just standing normally


keep adding mass, train legs


Standing normally you seem to have an anterior pelvic tilt that needs attention.


how can I fix this? I googled it but I didn't really get a valid answer. Are there exercises for this? thanks for the advice.


Check out Elliot Hulse on you tube.. He has a lot of video's on posture and exercises and stretches to help... I have the same issue and his video's are helpfull. Some ppl don't like him but in this area his knowledge is worth checking out.


one more thing. can anyone please explain the difference between good clavicles and bad clavicles, and what would mine be considered?


None of the photos you posted show your clavicle (collarbone).