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Thoughts and/or Suggestions Appreciated

So, like many of the people that come to this site, I’m interested in changing my body in a few ways-primarily fat loss and strength gains. I’m not terribly interested in ‘packing on pounds of ripped, hard vascular, blah blah blah’

That’s not to say that I don’t want to look good nekkid, but as it stands right now, I’m into rock climbing and don’t want to crimp my way up a route with 200+ lbs of weight.

My overall fat-loss goal is to get to the area of 185-190 with 8-10% body-fat. I’m sitting at about 208 lbs and 18% bf. To put things into perspective, last November, I was 235 lbs and 25% bf. To get from there to here, I did a mixture of diets (Precision Nutrition, Velocity Diet, Warrior Diet/Anti-Estrogenic Diet, eating like shit diet, etc.) and had an okay workout regiment (out of 12 months, I may have missed 3 months total due to life burnout and/or schedule/money conflicts).

My overall strength goals are for the Big 3 lifts. I would like to get to the following numbers for maxes (at this time)
-Bench Press: 315 (estimated max-225)
-Squat: 405/275 front (estimated max-hahahaha. I don’t know. I have problems with back squats and my wrists/shoulders. Maybe 225?)
-Deadlift: 405 (I actually pulled 405 once, earlier this year back in January, but I haven’t seriously deadlifted anything for a while)
I obviously need to max out on the lifts, but I have only recently begun training with a focus/goal as opposed to dicking around and I want to finish up my current program (3 more weeks) before doing any strength testing.

As for my diet, the goal is to follow the Precision Nutrition eating principles. Right now, my suggested caloric intake is 2,496 calories per day, and I’ll be doing a 35/25/40 (P/C/F) breakdown. My food choices are going to be the following:
Ground Turkey
Ground Beef
Cottage Cheese
Protein Powder (1 shake a day)
For the meat, I’ll be doing 4 oz. of meat per serving, 2 scoops of a protein blend per shake, and 1 cup of cottage cheese before bed.

Oatmeal (post-workout only)
Bell Peppers
Spinach/Mixed Greens
Mixed berries (for my shake)
For my veggies, I do a minimum of 100 grams of veggies per serving except for the spinach/mixed greens. For those, I just take a couple handfuls.

Grapeseed Oil
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil

Fish Oil-2 caps per meal. I’m shooting for 12-14 grams per day.
A greens powder for every meal that doesn’t have a veggie in it
BCAA’s for my workouts.

Green Tea-2 cups of hot tea (Oolong in the morning, white tea before bed) along with 3 TeaTech servings a day (300 grams EGCG), and I’m thinking about getting Green Tea extract caps for taking with my meals as well.

Ground Flax-I’m going back and forth on this, but I’m thinking 3 servings a day, right now, I do 1, but I think I could definitely use a fiber boost (not constipated, but I just think I need more fiber-I get around 20-25 grams a day).

My workout plan for now through April of next year is to do Chad Waterbury routines. I am starting week 2 of SFM on Monday, and I plan to follow up SFM with Waterbury Method, then Outlaw Strength and Conditioning and finish off with Quatro Dynamo. Each program lasting 8 weeks. Once April rolls around, I’ll step back and evaluate where I’m at and go from there.

With the workouts that I’m doing and will be doing, they end up being 3x/week, total body about 45 minutes worth of work with each workout. I try to climb at least 2x/week with about 1.5 hours of climbing. I’m at a point right now where I’m wondering if I should add a GPP circuit consisting of sled dragging, sledge swinging, farmers walks, and sandbag carrying after each workout (max 15 minutes of work), OR add 2x/week of steady state cardio for about 30 minutes.

That being said, if you have made it through this book of a post, do you think that I should make any changes or add anything to try to affect serious body comp changes and some hopeful strength increases by April of next year? (I’m not asking about strength right now because I feel that CW’s plans probably won’t be enough to get my strength numbers up to where I want them, but I figure by then, I can either rock out EC Maximum Strength program or grab some West Side templates.

So yeah, thoughts or suggestions?


Fuck, I completely forgot to ask-anything I can do for my abz? And yes, the ‘z’ is because I’m hardcore. Maybe in April I can get some suggestions on how to make my bicepts (sic) and tricepts (sic) big.

I am serious about my abs. I think that they could use a little strengthening up (that doesn’t come from squats, deads and pressing).

you missed a quarter of your training over a year? That sucks.

What exactly are you looking for here? The only way to answer your questions is by trying them out. I would say if you have time to add in sled dragging or whatever, do it.

What are you goals? it’s a little fuzzy.

Abs: weighted movements. Leg raises. Pallof press. tons of options.

[quote]boyscout wrote:
you missed a quarter of your training over a year? That sucks.[/quote]
Yeah. It sucked pretty hard. Car accident coupled with a massive 180 in my degree plan and a hard look at my finances caused me to give the finger to training and general motivation. It’s all good now.

I guess I’m looking for any input as to whether or not my diet, supplements and workout plan(s) are missing anything to help with weight loss.

[quote]What are you goals? it’s a little fuzzy.[/quote] Overall goals weight loss and strength increase. First goal I’d like to achieve weight loss.

With weighted movements are you talking about weighted crunches and knee raises? Also, how effective are dead bugs-or are they just accessory work for postural corrections?

Also, thanks for the reply.