Thoughts and Advice on Cycle?

Hey guys I’m new here but I’m not new to training or gear.
Im 32, 5ft 10ins, 95kg and around 15% body fat.
I eat very well, quite knowledable on the nutrition side of things.
I’ve done a couple of courses in the past but not touched anything for approx 4 years as I wanted my body to return to normal and try maintain my gains naturally then push on again.

Anyways here’s what I’m looking at doing. Please critique/advise where you see fit.

Weeks 1-4 - 500mg test e / 30mg ed dbol to kick start course

Weeks 5 - 16 500mg test e / 900mg equipoise

Now it’s my pct I’m not entirely made up on. I wanted to do hcg approx 500ui each week, adex and proviron daily from the beginning but I’ve read articles that do not recommend this?

I already have clomid and nolvadex. If I did the above would I still use clomid and nolva? If so, should I leave it for 3/4 weeks after i stop taking everything before i start?

Really appreciate any help or advice


My thoughts are that you need to start the equipoise from week one. Why are you running the EQ dosage so high? On TRT most run closer to 1000iu HCG weekly to preserve testicular size and function. You can use adex as your AI or nolvadex if you primary concern is gyno related. For PCT I’m a fan of Nolva only instead of clomid or both. Anyway, my thoughts.

Thanks mate