Thoughts About My Routine?

hi there, well i have some questions, first i’ve been training since last year, my current maxes are:

and now i’m on a strength routine, (dinosaur style) i lift 4 times a week, but i have some overweight, like 20 kg, my question is can i still training and in my off days do some cardio?, i just adquired a power rack (i think i have the only one in my state) and doing some stuff like

Dadlift - work up to a 1-3 RM
BB row- 5x5
Negative chins-2x failure
BB curl- 5x5
some grip work

Bench Press- work up to a 1-3 RM
Incline bench press- 5x5
BB Military press- 5x5
Close grip bench press-5x5

some forearm work

Squat- work up to a 1-3 RM
Good mornings- 5x5
Stiff Lgleg deadlift- 5x5
Floor glute ham raise- 3x failure
some grip and ab work

sunday i start the cycle again.

what do you think?,i’m trying to up my maxes, as i’ve been stucked for a while, my goals short term goals are:
Deadlift: 200k

any help will be greatly apreciatted, sorry for my bad english, i’m from mexicoand here there are no lifters to helpme, also i wanna lose some weight, i weight 115kg, like 20 kg overweight

Of course you can do cardio on your off days, but DO NOT work up to a max single every week in each lift. Mix it up. Work up to a max five one week, a max triple the next, then a max single. You can’t just keep maxing every week, especially on your squats and pulls. You will hit a wall very quickly.

Pin down your diet. You can’t work all the fat off your ass with cardio. Set up a basic good diet and be patient and consistent.

ok, well yes i dont hit i RM all weeks, almost all the time i go for 3 RM or do clusters for 90%, every 4 weeks i take it easy or shift ME exercise, thats the way i brougth my DL from 80 kg to 150 like in three months, squat i just started training cause i just adquired a powerrack.

any suggestion will be greatly accepted, and sorry for my bad english, i’m from mexico

Looks like you’re making decent progress so far.
Try just going walking 45 mins -1 hour a day, you’ll see steady fat loss without affecting strength or recovery

thanks a lot, well i think the problem is my diet, i just finished my foot-ball season and we used to train five days a week,two hours, and I didn’t lose any weight,I’m still fat, please help me

Your problem is your diet. Read the stickies… mostly just eat small meals, protein in each, most carbs in the morning and around your workout.

please help me wiht my diet, ireally don’t know how to

tell us what your diet is like now

well, mmm actually i dont have a diet, i just try to eat when i’m hungry, lots of eggs, vegetables.

i’d better say none diet, please help me making one, i weight 115k, like 20 kg overweight, i’m 1.78m tall

if all you eat is eggs and vegetables you shouldnt be that overweight

tell us what you are eating

like over three days, what do you eat?

[quote]Poetikaal wrote:
if all you eat is eggs and vegetables you shouldnt be that overweight

tell us what you are eating

like over three days, what do you eat?[/quote]

well i eat of everything, so there is a lack of diet, i really don’t know how to do one, please helpme, my worst problem is to know how much food i need, obviouslly i’ve been eating more than i need, well i’v been fat sice little, but i wanna change that now