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Thoughts about Blasting on TRT


Okay, so i’m about to be put on TRT very soon. I am 23 year old and have been training for almost 5 years. Without getting into too much background of my low T problem, that has been discussed in detail in the appropriate forum, I would like to know genuine opinions about blasting once a year on TRT since we are already shut down on TRT. I have never touched any AAS, nor have i ever actively planned to. This is more of an informational discussion as i am curious.

Recently, there have been a lot of threads about this which has made me curious and i would like to know more. I generally eat and train very well despite the low T problems affecting results. I gained 6-7 kgs in my first year of training and dieting and got into good shape but after that it’s been a vicious cycle with muscle wasting, trouble gaining any muscle and obviously the mood and energy sides one encounters with Hypogonadism.

What do you guys think of the health implications rather than anything else by blasting for a period of 12 weeks once a year. This is provided that blood work is done prior, during and after the blast with necessary ancillaries being run like with a regular cycle controlling E2 levels. I don’t really plan on blasting any time soon, not until i have my T, AI dose dialled in on a weekly basis. So as i indicate earlier, considering the typical shutting down is already there, what kind of health risks would blasting once a year encourage provided there’s no irresponsible use involved and labs are done periodically to keep track of any risks.

So far, i have not seen a lot of downsides on other threads about blasting on TRT, but most of these people have prior experience with AAS so it’s not the same situation. Hence, i would like hear the pros and cons from people who blast regularly on TRT.


Blasting for twelve weeks will be problematic if your TRT doc tests you every twelve, like mine does. If they do test you every twelve, look into Bill Roberts articles on short blasts of four weeks on, four off.

You can run, at most, eight weeks if you get tested every twelve, and then it has to be a short ester to have it clear before testing.

And, you can’t start a blast until the blood tests come back normal. If you do, and then have something out of range, you will have to get tested again the following week. Nothing would suck worse than having blood drawn, starting a blast, and then having to get blood drawn again because of a problem.



sorry for the late reply. I will be getting tested as i wish so depending on my symptoms and improvements or lack thereof. But generally in the long run, once in 6 months. So i guess i have room for 12 week blasts atleast once a year. What do you recommend?

What am i looking at as health parameters to monitor before, on and after the blast except T, E2 and hematocrit/rbc? Are there any other risks associated with these type of moderate blasts with only T and perhaps a kickstarter? I am not a bodybuilder or anything so i would not really mess with the more complicated AAS and would only ever run T+ a kickstarter depending on bulking/cutting goals once a year. So what should i be careful about when HPTA shutdown is out of the equation, i really wouldn’t want to do anything which cannot be managed or is risky.

Also, since we talked about the testing with docs, How much time do you reckon it would take for blood levels to stabilise after such a cycle? Does one just reduce their T dose to the prescribed amount after 12 weeks or skip a week or two and then resume TRT doses?

There’s a long way to go for blast but i’m curious to understand how it works.



Beyond my expertise, look through the threads. My understanding is you need six half lives for it to clear, so prop would clear in 24 days, Cyp in forty two, but don’t take my word. Think you just go back to TRT post blast, no time off.


I suggest you stay on your TRT regime for the first year and keep away from everything else.

It takes time for your system to adjust and time for you to find your correct Test and E levels.

Remember you are going to be on this for the rest of your life so don’t mess around with it until your body has had time to adjust and doctor time to monitor your progress.

You will make amazing gains on TRT alone in the first year. Remember muscle building is not just about testosterone levels , stress and cortisol levels dictate how much testosterone your body normally produces; this won’t be a factor for you as you will be getting your test externally and thus will be able to make exceptional gains on modest amount of test.