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Thoughts About a Possible Training Split


Standing Overhead press 8reps 6 sets
flat bench press 8reps 6 sets
reverse cable flies 12reps 6sets

Back & Bi's
deadlifts 12reps 4 sets
weighted pullups 10reps 3 sets
bent over bb row 12 reps 4 sets
straight arm pulldowns 15 reps 1 set
bb curl 12 reps 6 sets

close stance squats 10 rep 5 sets
single legpress 15reps 5 sets

standing OHP 8reps 6sets
reverse grip flat bench 8reps 3 sets
floor press/ incline press 10 reps 3 sets

Wash rinse repeat for about a week or 2 (exercises in this order)


A week or two? And what are your expected goals in that 2 weeks?


I just think he meant exercise order, not a change in the program.





who works out for a week or two?


You sure do give people a lot of credit.

"Possible training split"?

I bet he doesn't even lift currently.


Ct brought out in one of the best articles ive ever read on his forum that that Training split is the least important as long as its not idiotic, thats what I believe. Before that i would stresss and stress what program id do and blah blah but everything else wasnt in order.. the more important things. Just going on the fact that you have standing overhead press before bench shows that you should worry a lot more about basic training before u start making your own programs. and your split is horrible. I would linc the article but you probably wouldnt get it at this point.


pretty sure I see what you did there


You mentioned triceps, yet there are no triceps exercises.


are people just listing the exercises they know now?