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Thought You Were Having a Bad Day?


This poor kids condition is the result of a small bacterial meningitis outbreak.


For those of you with a medical background, have you all ever heard of anything like this happening before?


That's very sad. It's extremely rare compared the host of other diseases that we'll see on a daily basis but sometimes your immune system can only fight so much before permanent damage is done.


Oh, man. Myself having a son... that news especially hits home for me.


I think I would have rather just died, than to try and function (if you can call it that) after this whole ordeal.


Thats why I have always tried to avoid working in Peds. My wife is a Nurse Practitioner also and has always worked in Peds. Some of the shit she tells me about runs like that article. I will stick in the occupational world now. Walking wounded, OSHA guidelines, workers compensation is a much easier after my 15 years of trauma.


My mom, when she was in Nursing school had to do a Peds rotation and would come back home, more often than not, really down. I'm really not looking forward to my Peds clinical rotation especially since we have to do a pediatric oncology bit. I can see myself becoming very depressed with that one.


How you can help Donations to help the mitchell family with expenses may be sent to the Jeremiah mitchell Fund, Lakeside State Bank, P.O. Box 190, Oologah, OK 74053.

This stuff kills me. I'm sending $100 and posted it on my Facebook. Poor kid. In a perfect world, I'd love to see doctors take the disease from that little kid and give it to some murderer.

epidermolysis bullosa - is another horrible disease that kids have. Truly horrifying and it makes you grateful for your good health. Go look that one up - it's a living hell.

(To change the subject somewhat, this is ONE of the many reasons why I don't believe in God. Any all-powerful God that people pray to, that created the universe and all that baloney - any God that "allows" this to happen clearly doesn't give a flying shit about us.

Believers, keep reading, please.

Funny how when good things happen people call it a "miracle" and say "my prayers have been answered." But when an entire family burns to death in their home no one blames God. Oh - that must be the work of the devil, I guess.

I grew up very religious but now it's nothing more that MYTHOLOGY to me.)


legs and arms amputated??? fucking mutilation. let the kid die


I agree. If there is a god, then no "mysterious" plan of his could ever make up for the shit that has happened to this child.

Poor kid - if I were in his position but as a 25 year old, I would absolutely request for my lift to be ended. But for a kid of 6 to ever have to contemplate life like this? Whatever happens, I hope he can find a resolution.


As horrible and tragic as it is the kid might end up having a decent life. I've met some people who survived awful shit as kids and they bounce back a helluva lot better than adults do. It's heartbreaking though and I hope for the best for the little guy.


That was my first reaction.

But I think MG has a point, too.

Very, very sad.


The only advantage I can see is that it has happened early in his life, so he has a lot of development still to do. He might be able to live with it and find himself a meaningful life.

Had this happened to a 20-something, it might've been harder. (Not saying it is, but at least there's a possibility with this kid that he might be able to push through it to find some peace with his situation)

There was a recent tragic story of a young (18-22 year old) rugby player who was paralysed from the neck down after a tackle went wrong during the game. He ended his life - I think - at Dignitas. Cases like these scare the shit out of me and make me realise that I need to live every single day to the fullest.


X2 This would have been hard enough to read before I had my boy but stories like this are so much harder to hear when you think it could be your kid.


I can't even bring myself to click on the link. I have a 14 month old son with another on the way. I just can't look at that stuff. It completely kills me. My hearts breaking just reading the responses.

saveski - i completely agree with you.


Just to update you guy and gals on this situation, there was a local fund raiser for the kid at some location in Tulsa and 47,000 dollars were collected. As my wife said, who is a nurse, him and his family will need every penny of it.

Saveski, that's awesome that you donated money to him. And I agree with your religious comments.

Sxio, the link doesn't show pictures of the kid in his current condition.


note to self keep son(that lives in kansas) away from oklahoma 15 cases a year?


I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life and cannot remember meningitis ever being an issue until this particular outbreak.