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Thought This 315 Squat Was Funny


Sorry guys, if its a repost... but this gave me a good laugh this morning. Check it out. Kind of reminds me of some guys at the gym back at school.


lol, that's not even 315. Generally Smith Machine bars are counterbalanced to about 10-15 pounds, not 45. which would make the weight 285ish.


that was funny. i am going to hit him up on myspace now for lessons on squatting......


That was awesome, my favorite part was all the comments about how "his form is great" and how "squatting in a power rack is bad for you".


Anyone else notice the Bionic Man soundtrack when he was going for the burn?


lol i will listen to that the next time i lift to pump me up.......


I love their instructions for the clean&jerk also


What a joke...


Sure, smith machine sucks, he's using the pussy pad, and he doesn't have good form, but his physique still looks better than most of the people on this site.


If your into that toned upper body and small under-developed lower body then sure.


I think we can all agree we have seen much worse. Clean sucked but the jerk was at least decent.


wait... that doesnt play when you squat?

lemme guess, you dont have lightning around you either, huh?




no he doesnt.

maybe he looks better than most of the people on "rate my physique" but most of those people are trolls.

160 pound 315 quarter squatters arent impressive.


That was too funny.


Haha, here our hero "invents" a new exercise.


WOW...why is it, never mind.


lol@ inner chest


OMGZ!! two plates! she's gonna get HUUGE if she keeps lifting heavy weights like that!!!1!


I gotta ask too, what the hell is the deal with the weird "special endings" on every video...