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Thought On This Protein


What are your guys thoughts on designer whey protien. I know Classic Grow! is the highest quality out there but I've had some expenses come up and I can't afford Classic Grow! right now and my friend gave me 5 tubs of designer whey. Is this a decent protien powder? I'm going to order some Classic Grow! when I can but I have to make due with this for awhile.


It's alright.


IMO unless it changed taste like hell and is made from some cheap ingredients. Low in protein per serve last I checked. But aint going to kill ya and if it were free Id drink the crap.


It should be perfectly fine, especially considering you got 5 free tubs. Unless its the soy variety I'd chug it down like it was fre... Oh wait. It is.


I've never looked at the ingredients but in the 90's they were always making out it was streets ahead of other proteins. In fact their ad campaign used to piss me off, making spurious statements like milk is a useless protein source and other protein powders are just 'sadly just useless' etc etc.

Then they had this fuckin ad campaign about 'stacking' which was ridiculous in the least.


you realise he said that it was Designer WHEY?


Well, you know how those tricky words can be confusing.