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Thought on Raisins?


What's your take on raisins as a snack? Is the GI too high? Any recommendations on where to find some without added sugar?


I've been snacking on raisins for a few months now. I'm using Sun-Maid Natural California Raisins, with no sugar added. I was listening to some Berardi interview where he was describing why keeping the body's pH in check was important. He then went on to say that things like raisins and spinach (which I already eat) were the best at countering the acidity of a high protein/grain diet. He sold me.


really now?

outstanding i love rasins.


I didn't know they made raisin with added sugar. I eat the sun maid kind that come in the little 1.5 oz boxes, but that's only because if buy the big bags I can easily gorge and eat the entire thing in a couple sittings. I wish the golden raisin came in those little boxes too.


SuperTarget sells Newman's Own organic raisins. I'd lean toward pesticide-free as most grapes get hammered with pesticides.


me too