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Thought invoking/Mystery Movies


I'm looking for movies that either keep you guessing through most of the movie or kind of leave you hanging at the end. Movies such as Inception, Shutter Island, The Wicker Man, Secret Window, and maybe even the first Saw movie would count.

Not sure that makes much sense but any good movie recommendations that are similar to mainly Inception or Shutter Island would be appreciative.


Momento, Pi, Fracture, Se7en, Frailty to start.

Edit: I'll throw Antichrist in there too, content is heavy so beware.


invoked many thoughts...




Mulholland Drive if you want to go down that road. Most other David Lynch movies fit the ticket as well.


Afterlife is fairly good.


Oxford Murders



"Primal Fear", it was Edward Norton's first film and a sign of great things to come. "Just Cause" is also worth checking out.


13th floor and existenz


Found this gem:



Mulholland Drive
Blue Velvet
LA Confidential
Double Indemnity
The Usual Suspects
Basic Instinct
The Lives of Others
anything by Alfred Hitchcock
Eyes Wide Shut
Mystic River
Anatomy of a Murder
A Perfect Murder (a remake of Dial "M" For Murder)
The Departed
The Sting

if I could choose any two or three films from this list, I would go with Chinatown, The Departed and Mulholland Drive, maybe Blue Velvet or LA Confidential. And you can never go wrong with Alfred Hitchcock.


Adaptation (kinda gay at first, but it gets really weird really quickly)

Vanilla Sky (yeah, yeah, yeah, Tom Cruise, but who doesn't like a mystery film that ALSO shows Penelope Cruz's tits?)

The Game

Touch of Evil (an Orson Welles classic. I think are there two versions available; get the Director's Cut)

Brick (How could I forget Brick? One of the most creative movies I've ever seen. Think old-school film noir along the lines of the Maltese Falcon or Rebecca, but with color.)

The Manchurian Candidate (the original, not the one with Denzel)

12 Monkeys

The French Connection (not really a mystery, per se, but it's entertaining and has a good plot, which brings me to the film that inspired The French Connection's chase scene):

Bullitt (Steve McQueen and a Mustang with a fucking 390 in it flying around SF? What more can you ask for?)

The Jason Bourne trilogy is really good, but you've probably already seen them.


Righteous Kill was pretty good.


Following (Christopher Nolan's first feature length movie)



Deathtrap (The Christopher Reeve one)

Antibodies (a German serial killer movie, but is at its heart is a mystery movie).

Tell No One (great French thriller with, again, a mystery at its core)



The single greatest "What the #@*$!?" in movie history is... The Fountain.


^ When I recommended Unknown I meant the one starring Jim Caviezel - I haven't seen the Liam Neeson movie of the same name.


Angel Heart