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Thought I'd Say Hello - New Member

Hello All, new member. Just thought i’d say hello.

I have a background in powerlifting having competed in powerlifting competitions historically and having gotten up to over a 300 kilo deadlift.

I also recently withdrew from a physique competition.

Will be nice to chat to some people here - hope you all have a really good day/evening or whatever time it is where you are and nice to say hi!


Welcome to the forums. You’re in good company here.

Thanks, have a good evening :slight_smile:

bienvenidos amigo … happy lifting

Thanks :slight_smile: Have a good night. Alex.

Welcome aboard!

Thanks :slight_smile: Alex.

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Dude, you’re jacked. But you’re a strength athlete.

Unless you are desperately trying to squeeze under some weight limit, go eat a fucking cheeseburger. With two dark beers and some fries.

A little subcutaneous fat is aesthetically pleasing and healthy.

Welcome aboard.

Sounds like there’s a story here. What was up?

That physique and a 660 deadlift, you should start a training log.

I just had a small skin infection - and that impacts the judging criteria for mens physique - nothing major. :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a good evening.

Thanks, have a good evening and take care :slight_smile:

Sounds minor,… too bad you didn’t finish, probably would have had a great experience.

Curious why you think it would have affected the judging criteria though. Pretty sure that there’s no “complexion” round on the score sheets.


Hi Stu, I don’t know if Criteria are different over in the States, but yeh skin complexion is actually a part of mens physique judging in the UK.

Kind Regards, and have a really good day,