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Thought I Had This Down, But No...

So I’ve been playing with this ramping stuff for the last few months and just finihsed u[p 4 weeks of CT’s off season program to reqire to a more explosive profile

Well now we’re all on the latest project he put out this week but I’ve got myself confused. I read through all 3 of the spliss from the 3 artuicles and noted what I thought I didnl;t quite had down which was foine but now that i go to actually type my plan out for monday, it seems that scheduling is my biggest concern, of which i thought was my least!!

I need to get down the split we follow or is it open to what i can do?

CT’S split in his article was mon w/ oh focus + 1 lower, tue w/ bench focus + 1 lower, wed nueral, thu lower focus + m1 upper, fri upper focus + 1 upper, sat foundation

In his example of upper press and lower press programs though he combines upper oh and bench in the one workout…

I must be missing something here because in week 3 i’d do 76 upper press sets on mon/tue and another 36 on thu/fri and that can’t be right can it?

are we meant to follow the past split of upper press, lower press, foundation, neuarlk charge, upper press, lower work capacity, neural charge? Another set up maybe?

I was also looking to do some upper concentrated loading so could i go mon upper w/ oh focus so 3 eexercises, tue upper w/ bench focus (3 exercises), wed nc/sprints, thu lower (2 exercises), fri upper 1 exercise for each (2 exercises), sat foundation or pop some lat/bi on each day (saw ct sugegsted this someone who wanted a 4 day plan) so i can run on sat maybe?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Guys

Just re-read some of the spill and it says this:

oohard: In your “Look Like a Bodybuilder, Perform Like an Athlete” article you outlined a training program. On monday it says “overhead pressing 3 main movements”. Are we really supposed to do 3 OHP movements on monday and then upper body pressing on tuesday?

Christian Thibaudeau: No, that was indeed confusing. Pick one exercise per column

ebomb5522: So we would do for example Military Press, Incline Bench Press, and Bench Press and then on Tuesday we would perform the same three exercises with more emphasis on Bench Press, or is this wrong?

Christian Thibaudeau: That’s correct. I believe in picking only three exercises for the whole cycle. Get super efficient at those 3 exercises. That’s the most effective way to progress.

so does that mean if i chose military, incline and bench as my 3 i do monday and tuesday with the exact same sets/reps on both days? or do i mini ramp military on mon for oh focus and follow the rest as laid out and do the same for bench on tue?

so does that mean if i chose military, incline and bench as my 3 i do monday and tuesday with the exact same sets/reps on both days? or do i mini ramp military on mon for oh focus and follow the rest as laid out and do the same for bench on tue? [/quote]

No you increase the volume of each lift by using the double ramp and triple wave loading. Read it over again. Look at the sample loading.

I guess the T-Nation guys are trying to make it simple to understand but it seems they removed the sample loading in the first HPM article. I thought it was pretty straight forward though.

My take:

Your MTW is 120lbs on the standing press.

First session for the standing press:

Single wave


2nd Session:

Double ramp


3rd Session:

Triple wave:


I think i got it right haha! Anyhow, don’t get too hung up on the EXACT numbers IMHO but the style of increasing the weight and the volume progressions.

I haven’t even used the double ramp progression yet. I’m mostly sticking to waves.

thnaks canada

i got the loading down and such but the weeklt set up has me going crazy

ct lays out his split which says mon - upper press with shoulder press focus x 3 exercises then tue is upper press with benching focus but we’re only meant to choose 3 lifts from then 3 upper press categories so do we just repeat the same thing the next day? i don’t think that’s right somehow…

but going forward where he lays out the sample pressing workout he has the 3 exercises which is fine but surely i donlt repeat that workout again tuesday?

i suppose i’m after a template of what gets trained on what day and how…it might have been the point of the article but i can’t grasp it

That ramp/wave loading isn’t what he posts in the program unless I misread your post. I also created a template for all 3 weeks and posted it in his forum…

Yes you do the same exercises and increase volume. It flys in the face of some stuff but i like it a lot. When i first started reading this site my exposure to different training ideas was limited and one thing that was really popular for a while around here i believe was using a bunch of variations for the main lifts and changing the set/rep schemes. In hindsight, for ME it was a bad idea.

re-read the spill yesturday and found my answers, thannks boys

mon/tue is the same workout, the article wasn’t edited correctly it seems

1st workout in 10mins do looking forward to it