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Thought I had a Hernia, Dr Said Diastasis Recti?

As the title suggests, earlier in the year I noticed a lumb on my abs just above my belly button. It didnâ??t really hurt but as youâ??d imagine was quite concerned. So I visited my local doctor, who after some consultation with his peers they determined it was â??diastasis rectiâ?? and said it was nothing to worry about.

After some generic searching on the internet, Iâ??ve found that it can happen in barrel middle men (which I am) who have been doing excessive ab work (I had been doing a ton of hanging leg raises).

So what Iâ??m asking is do any other males have any experience of this? I am currently trying to strengthen/close my lower abs doing various exercises, but everything only seems to have short term benefit.

Any thoughts?