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Those That Work at a Gym...?

what do they pay the floor/fitness staff?

just curious as to how it compares to my gym. I know when I worked on the floor staff I thought it was low pay for what is expected, and now some of my employees (I’m in management now) have brought it up.

I’ve tried searching monster and such to find comparisons, but no luck.

Try www.salary.com

thanks, I’ll give it a look tomorrow, I think I may have checked it already, or a similar source and it was talking about an average salary for fitness instructors, which I would assume means being certified, which is different.

There’s a constant turnover rate at my gym, meaning they don’t pay shit. I’m guessing just minumum wage or just barely above that. It’s a cheap way to do business, which is the way American businesses do things these days: Hire temps for 2.5 months, then “lay them off” before their Insurance has time to take effect (usually 90 days).