Those That Play with HGH

I am into my third week of HGH. I am using 3IU on Mon, Wed and Friday.
I am also Cruising with Test Cyp, Deca and EQ.

About three days ago my right wrist started hurting. It has since gotten a little worse each day. I skipped doing back last night because of the pain. Today I worked back and was real careful. Its more of a constant ache then an out right pain as if I twisted it or something so Carpal Tunnel comes to mind. The wife also pointed out my fingers (not hand) seem a little swollen…
I know Carpal is usually at higher doses but I get sides pretty bad from normal gear (Sus., I got Sus-flu, Deca gives me Deca-dick and Tren gave me the cough and the mouth full of pennies taste).

So my questions to those who have played with it before is;
–Will this go away if I continue on this path magically (ya I think I know this one…)
–Have you had any luck with anything to knock the edge of the pain or is something I don’t want to mask?
–I know this one is going to be person specific but, how long could I ignore the pain before it may be permanent?

I have read that I should drop the HGH and see if the pain subsides, couldn’t I lower the dose and see the same results or am I getting to the point where i will not see the benefits if I go lower.



B, try going back down to 2ius on your inject days. When you go up to 3ius after a week or 2, divide the dose into 2 - 1.5iu pins. You can do them pre and post WO if you like or first thing am then an hour or so later.


I have heard about hand pain while on H, my buddie was telling me that youre hands get bigger from H.But that is Bro knowledge so dont read into it too much

Thanks guys,
I went down to 2iu for the last 2 days on, it knocked the edge of the pain so I will see by mid next week.
My ring is still tight thou…I would guess its from the cyp not gh



of course the bright side of this story is the GH isn’t bunk.

I like 4 iu’s a day… I don’t have any probs with carpal tunnel from that… My mouse pad seems to more the culprit… Test seems to bloat me more than anything…

I have been on HGH for almost 2 years now at a dose of 2iu’s 5 days on, 2 off.

When I uped my dose to 4iu’s my hands ached a lot. I then backed down.

When I raised to 4iu’s I started to feel the joint pain rather fast, say within 2-3 weeks.

Everyones tolerance is different. I don’t see how the Pros can stand 8-10iu’s every day. The pain would be tough imo.

Adven, what joints started hurting.
Maybe my knee and elbow pain is from the gh…I thught I was just old…


I have heard of a few people that dont have issues at all with 8-10 iu per day.

That being said everyones tolerance to the sides is completely different. Are you using the generic chinese stuff or something different as I know another member here noticed a drastic difference between the two regarding bloating and such.

I get it script from my doc.

My elbows and my fingers started to ache.

Morepain, thanks for the ray of sunshine hahahahaha

I’ve got the jap stuff.

All my joints (mainly knees and elbows) are still a little soar when I start
Moving around. They seem to warm up and all is good. My wrist is pain free
Already so I’m going to try 1.5iu am and then pm.

I see tons of change already so the knee and elbow pain is worth it at this point.
I assume since I’m only 3 weeks in I have not seen all the benifits yet so the next couple
Of weeks is going to be kick ass!!

…like a kid in a candy store…