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Those Small Muscles

I’m aware that the small stabalizing muscles such as the rotator cuffs and the adductor/abductor muscles in the leg should be included in my workout program. I’m curious as to how often I should be working them. I was also wondering if there were any other stabalizing muscles besides those just mentioned.

Jeremy, there are small stabilizing muscles everywhere on your body. Concentrate on using free weights rather than machines, when possible, and you’ll be definition work them. Perform deep squats “into the hole” and you’ll feel 'em, too. Especially if one is training for sport-specific reasons, or isn’t a hardcore bodybuilder, it’s to your advantage to use free weights and keep those “stabilizer” muscles working. The rotator cuff muscles, however, should be exercised separately; I recommend working them prior to your chest or shoulder workout. Dave Draper recommends the same protocol in his book, also.