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those damn glute ham raises

ok… i keep reading about the glute ham raises and how they help your speed and blah blah… i still dont know really how to do the,… and when i try… it hurts my knees… and is the rep going down or up? cuz i cant go up at all… what the hell is going on please gimme more info… i read the articles in t-mag so thats all the info i know… i hope im jujst not an idiot who cant figure it out

When you do these, you need to roll up a towel or something and put it under your knees for a pad. Use a controlled descent. Very few of us can do these without assistance, so push on the ground a little to help get up. You can progressively use less help as you get stronger by eventually using 3 fingers, 1 finger, and then one hand. Difficult, but a great exercise for functional strength. I do them all the time in my renegade training program.

you can do them many ways. For the knees, get a pad and put it under them. Start at the top so your body is in a 90 degree angle. Lower yourself so your body stays straight and return when you reach parallel to the floor. Push yourself up if needed at the bottom

I have a similar problem. Sometimes my knees hurt and sometimes not. It’s weird. I use a towel every time. I think it has to do on how much my hanstrings and joints are warmed up. I will know soon since I just started incorporating them in the last 8 weeks or so. My strength has improved dramatically and now I can almost completely lower myself to the ground under control.

contrary to the latest t-mag issue, there is a machine that holds your legs for glute hame raises. we have one in my weightroom. it’s great.