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Good Morning
135x10, 205x6, work sets 225x5x4

Holy hell I love heavy good mornings. I took my torso to parallel and my hamstrings have never felt so much pain (good pain). It’s three days later and I still have nasty DOMS that makes them hurt to the touch. But the thing that really makes me like these is that the day after, not only did my hamstrings feel like shit, but my entire back felt sore, from my erectors all the way to my lower traps. It was amazing.

As an update, my baseball team finished the season with a 22-4 record and won the district tournament. I will be going to Utica for the New York State American Legion tournament on Tuesday. We made it there two years ago and I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life. This year our team actually has a chance of winning it all, which is very exciting.

What year are you?
What position in baseball do you play?

I’ll be a sophomore but I’m a freshman eligibility-wise because I didn’t play my first year at my other school. I got recruited over this summer by UB so I’m transferring there to play. I’m an outfielder. Centerfield if we wanna get specific.