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Thoracic Spine & Shoulder Strength and Mobility

Hey everybody,

My name is Bart and I am working on the strength and mobility of my thoracic spine and shoulders. Feel free to comment any tips or advice. Also if you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them.

Here is my footage from last week and today I will upload my progress:

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jeesh…you got WAY more mobility than me, bud.

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Hereby my update, in 1 week everything seems to have improved. I am just wondering whether my left shoulder is due to mobility differences in both shoulders? It feels fine, but looks awkward.

[quote]alpha_mike wrote:
jeesh…you got WAY more mobility than me, bud.

Thanks Alpha Mike, I have been working on it, but now for one month I will be working on my Shoulder and thoracic spine mobility.

My approach includes some strength work, I believe that it is good to train strength and mobility at the same time to prevent injuries and improve performance. In 1 week it improved a lot as you can see in my new video. I think that you could improve your mobility through working on it on a regular basis.

If I compare the backbridge from week 0 and from week 1, I can already see quite the difference! :smiley:

So this is after 2 weeks of doing daily mobility exercises. Most shoulder work went easy, but the bridge went difficult, because earlier today I did some heavy clean

If I tried a german hang I would most likely not be able to stop and finish in a skin the cat shoulders destroyed disaster.

Hmm I am sorry to hear that, what about shoulder dislocations with a band or a stick?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPOJBQI4S8w Week 3 here, sorry for the wait, the video is from some days ago, but I didn’t upload it until today.

Changed the routine a bit more and it seems more effective.

3 rounds

German Hang pronated grip 5-10 reps Pause
Pronated grip shoulder dislocations 10-15 reps
Supinated german hang 5-10 reps Pause
Supinated shoulder dislocations 10-15 reps
Bridge push ups 5-10 reps Pause

Have you tried a supinated-grip back lever? I’m not sure if those are good for building shoulder mobility or if you just need a lot of mobility to do them…

Hey ShralPinist,

I did do a backlever with supinated grip and I think that it builds a lot of strength in that area, but if you do the skin the cat with a supinated grip it targets similar muscles. My backlever went easier after doing german hang/ skin the cat with supinated grip.

Hey Bart,

Just curious why are you trying to improve thoracic spine and shoulder mobility and strength? Any particular aims/reasons? Just curious.

Im starting to play around with back bridges. How often do you do these. Do you do them for reps? For time? Do you plan to progress to be able to do them into a “kick stand”?

Uncle Bird


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Any benefits of doing the Skin The Cat exercise and the back-levers?