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Thoracic Spine Injury from Squats

Hoping someone can give me any info that may help lead me in right direction…

Was squatting yesterday and it was going great, on my fourth set as soon as I unracked the bar and stood up I immediately had to re rack it. A sudden sharp pain in my mid / upper back . By looking at anatomy pics it looks like c7 or t1 area maybe? Pain was so severe I could not move neck, 24 hours later it’s still the same. Can barely move neck and extreme pain in upper spine between shoulder blades. If I lay down on my back it’s impossible to lift my head, only way I can get up is to roll over on my stomach and lift myself up.

Went to the doctor he said I herniated a disc and gave me muscle relaxers…no x-ray done. He said it will take a couple weeks to get better but I feel like I should go back again or may risk permanent damage??

Anyone have any similar stories or advice??

Never heard of anyone rupturing a disk in their upper thoracic / lower cervical spine from squatting. Usually that area is relatively unloaded unless you got the bar on your head lol and I dunno if BW alone would be enough.

Best thing for you right now is to rest as best you can. Take the muscle relaxers and possibly NSAIDs if you’ve cleared it with your doc.

If/when you choose to get a second opinion perhaps from a different profession or professional e.g. physical therapist the extra rest will be useful to them because the information about how the injury responds to rest can lead you closer to diagnosis. Same with the drugs. Whatever it responds well helps the therapist zero in on the diagnosis

If you’ve got a gut feeling it’s bad or things a getting worse suddenly you should seek a follow up. I think all doctors advice has an unspoken “if things change or don’t go as expected please seek advice” attached to it