Thoracic Spine Calcification


I have been an avid squater for over 20 years and am now begining so see some deformity around c7/t1, i.e. more pronounced vertebrea where the bar rests.

My question is has anyone else suffered anything chronic like this?

My posture is good, having done tons of shoulder retraction drills, and my upper traps are big enough to pad the bar without the use of a rolled towel or stingray, but I am concerned about developing the dreaded dowagers hump (I dont want to have to iron my shirts over a wok if you know what I mean!)

I am contemplating getting an X ray, seeing a chiropracter to see if its an alingnment issue and dropping squats in favour of front squats and/or trap bar dead lifts.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


The C7/T1 should be the most prominent vertebra in that area.

Has something recently changed that has you concerned?

Take care,


Thanks Dr Ryan - it just seems more prominant than before and less mobile.

I have been doing more high volume singles of late, which obviously necessitates more racking and un racking of the bar than regular sets, and have just been more aware of this part of my spine.

Any input would be much appreciated, so I can be armed with good questions for any specialist i see.

Thanks again,