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Thoracic Degenerative Disc

I got an MRI and was diagnosed with a thoracic degenerative disc T9-T10, with a slight bulge that mildly indents the spine. The doc refused to call it a bulging/herniated disc though.

This disc has been bothering me for the last 6 months, with little healing. I was already seeing a physio for my lower back. She helped me greatly with it but only had one rehab exercise to try for my mid back, and it didn’t do much good.

I successfully modified my workout routine to not include any exercises that cause pain to my mid back, which has allowed me to resume weightlifting and cardio, but haven’t had luck finding anything that will rehab it.

I have tried strengthening my core and erector spinae. I have also tried stretching my erector spinae. Also tried walking a little more each day, but these have had little effect.

I also have kyphosis, I’m not sure if this lead to the injury or is hampering the recovery.

I also had lower back pain, strengthening and stretching my core basically made all the lumbar pain go away. It doesn’t seem to be the same case for the thoracic.