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Thoracic Back Pain

Hy there,im new to this forum and want to post about my back issue,last february i started having back and sciatic pain after a improper deadlifting,i stoped going to the gym because of the pain,at that time i also had some mild ocasional mid back and neck pain had an MRI but only shoed a small to medium bulging disc At T11-T12 I HAD treatments for the sciatic pain and it eventualy subsided alldoe it took almost a year.THE PROBLEM IS i had so many months of inactivity and sedentary lifestyle over this period,that my body has become very weak especialy my back and ended up causing aditional problems.

in the mid back ive experienced worsening in symptoms and in neck and left arm, even the small simple tasks are a chalange for me now because almost every movent i do in the spine triggers pain and other symptoms.HAS ENYONE HERE dealt with this problems?if so I WANT TO ASK YOU GUYS IS IT OKAY SLOWLY RESUME LIGHT NORMAL ACTIVITIES EVEN IF I FEEL A LOT OF PAIN CAUSE I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO ,doctors dont realy have anything to ofer me at this point.YOUR ANSWERS WOULD BE APRECIATED