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Thor Trailer Released


The new Thor trailer was released yesterday. Hemsworth definitely looks the part.




Looks solid.


Yes sir, this should be good. I'm thinking it could either be really silly, or really bad ass. Probably nothing between. He's definitely packed on some mass though.


movie looks awesome, i will be attending, hemsworth did a good job, however i woulda liked to see him bigger, but its kinda unfair to actors trying to play comic characters that are drawn so unproportionately big, he looks good though.


Did anyone else think the fighting was lame and the sound effects when he hit the Shield Agents. When did thor learn drop kicks and shit?


Drop kicks rule


He's godly, he could know how to do a flyingrollypowlyheadbutt if he so wished to.

Looks good from the trailer, would be great though if we could get disproportional actors to play the comic book characters we love.



Holy shit that part was epic. Anthony Hopkins is a badass.


They don't exist anymore. Hollywood loves girly boys too much these days.


Jon Favreau out as Iron Man director. Really weird news.


looks good


i'm sorry, all i saw was natalie.


Anyway, Thor FTW!


Not really. The first one caught everyone off guard by just being a great movie all around even if you didn't know the character. The second one suffered from a major case of sequel-itis. They got rid of the the guy playing Rhody (who did do a great job by the way) which changed the chemistry between those two characters...and they are supposed to be life long best friends.

They had too many characters in the movie and way too much bullshit eclipsing Rourke's character completely. The entire end fight scene was anti-climactic because they didn't make it personal enough between Robert Downy and Rourke.

If that had been the first movie, it would have marked the end of the Avengers project. Everyone saw it because of the fame of the first one.

Hell, I have only seen the second one twice and may not watch it again for a long time. Meanwhile, the first one is one of my favorite movies all around.


he was forced to rush the filming of the second and apparently they began filming without a complete script, neither being a good formula for a good film


I agree with PX. I thought the 2nd Iron Man sucked. Thor looks promising though.


Really? I thought the first one was mediocre at best. The end fight scene in that one was boooooring. Why would I want to watch Iron Man fight the Iron Monger with a half powered suit? Really the only comic adaptations that have been good so far have been Scott Pilgrim, Kick Ass and the Nolan Batman films.


Ok, I'm not counting Scott Pilgrim as SuperHero flick. And there has been many good SuperHero Comic book adaptions, 300 (yes those fuckers are superheros), Spiderman (I liked the 1&2nd), YES BATMAN, The Losers (even though non of us supported the Movie), Kick Ass another movie we did not support but was great. So there is hope out there we just need to put the money on the table so they can keep making Action flicks.


300 sucked unless you like oily half naked men and slow motion and I bet you didn't even see Pilgrim. A lot of people didn't because it had hipsters omg. It was the best adaptation period.