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Thor Movie


Can't wait 'til that one get out. Of course, if they don't screw up the casting and and the plot... So far preview of Ironman give me hope that Marvel has wise up a bit and understood that CGI does not a movie make.

Rumor has it that the Rome star Kevin McKidd is a likely choice for the Thunder God.

Don't know about his acting as I haven't seen Rome, and I could care less about his age. But he better bulk up a bit. I don't wanna start that tired old argument about big enough or not, but this is Thor, arguably one of the most built superhero in the Marvel world.


I bet it'll be hammered in the reviews.


Take that back


They'll screw it up.


I say thee nay, it shall ragnarock.


No way it gets that loki. Asgarded as I'd like to be, that movie will be a Thorn in all our sides.



-sorry, I'm a big Amon Amarth fan, and whenever somebody says Thor, I scream Thor Arise just like Johan Hegg, the lead singer of Amon Amarth-

That said, they will screw this up big time. It won't be violent enough, they'll probably try to "megacast" the picture by putting huge celebrities in it, (because of course, Angelina Jolie JUST HAS to be in something for it to be worthy, right Hollywood?) I'm guessing they'll also cast some shmuck as a "comedic relief sidekick" too. Ughhhhh.

(megacast refers to shitty ass movies like Sin City, Troy and Alexander where they found as many big name actors as they could, and forgot to hire a script writer that learned how to make a decent plot)


LOL good puns


It will be crap, sorry theres no more vikings walking this earth anymore,or asgard for all it counts...


What the fuck? You and I must have watched different movies, buddy, because Sin City was likely the most faithful to the source material that we've seen from any comic movie, and the casting was pretty much perfect for it.

As for Thor... well, I'll weep. Iron Man looks like it's going to rock, but I don't have high hopes for Thor. Hollywood seems to be very intimidated by physically powerful characters these days. Just look at what was done for Superman. Chances are we're going to see metrosexual Thor.

For wishful casting, though: what about Jouko Ahola for the character? Stoic, square-jawed, deep voice, strong presence, and can rip the arms off a puny mortal. He's got experience and the look. Hell, just look at his cameo as the Germanic mercenary in "Kingdom of Heaven". Sure, he dies early, but he's a living freakin' terror before he goes down. :wink:


Sin City blew dick, just face it. Terrible. Casted as many "mega actors" as possible, didn't worry about said mega actors getting the characters down at all.

Juoko Ahola would be an excellent choice! Right on the money!

They'd better not cast Triple HHH, as he would look the part, he's an absolutely horrible actor. Great wrestler yeah, actor? No!


I think if they stick to the comicbook roots then it should be a good flick


Frank Miller, the guy who created the comic, was involved with the project and consulted on all major decisions. The project was so faithful to the source material that they used the original illustrations as the storyboard layouts for film development.

I can get that you didn't dig the film, man, but I'd say that when it comes to getting the characters right, Miller's opinion outweighs your own.

But Hell, at least we agree on Juoko! :wink: There's been talk about this skinny blond dude they were looking to cast for Thor -- name escapes me now. At first I rolled my eyes, but he's a fine actor. He'd make a great Donald Blake.

I think that's the key here. Juoko's got the right presence, the accent, and some experience in front of the camera. Nobody's exactly raved about his acting, however. But if they write Thor as being a very straight-forward, stoic presence, not much range is needed. If they fill that niche with Blake, using the alter-ego to create depth, they could make a fine flick.